Specialist over-the-phone Podiatry Services In Melbourne

Do you have a problem with your feet? Have you started exercise and developed sore feet?
Not sure if you need to see a podiatrist or a Doctor? In isolation? Prefer not to come into the clinic?

All You Need is a Phone

We can provide you with advice and treatment options and/or the need for further investigations all in the comfort of your home.
All you need is a phone.
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Fees for Telehealth Consultations

DVA clients are able to access this service.
Some private health insurers provide rebates for this service.
For clients who are on Chronic Disease Management Plan, rebates are available.

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Our Podiatrists

Take a look at our team of experienced podiatrists who will take care of you.

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Our Approach

AFA Podiatry in Richmond are committed to providing an integrated and holistic approach to healthcare.

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Learn more about our vast range of services.

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Children’s Podiatry

We provide a service specifically for children. Discover how we can help today.

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For further information please contact AFA Podiatry on afapodiatry@gmail.com or contact 0459 232 763.

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