Podiatry Services in Melbourne

AFA Podiatry in Melbourne provide a full range of services, including:

  • General treatments (nails, callus, corns, fungal infections, warts)
  • Treating ingrown toenails including nail surgery, if required
  • Diabetes foot assessments
  • Treating sports injuries and musculoskeletal problems/conducting biomechanical assessments, which may include prescribing orthotics
  • Home visits

Sports Activities

We offer a podiatry service focusing on treating musculoskeletal problems of the lower limbs, such as heel pain, shin splints, flat feet, high arches, bunions, knee pain and ankle instability.

We believe in providing a range of treatments and do not solely rely on prescribing orthotics. Our objective is to build a solid foundation incorporating different therapies such as muscle strengthening, stretching and orthotics (custom insoles), all designed to complement upper body function.

A comprehensive biomechanical assessment is conducted to determine whether orthotics are required and/or if other treatment options could be of benefit. The assessment includes a range of motion, muscle strength, balance and gait movements to determine the best therapies are used to treat pain and dysfunction and optimise gait efficiency.

A treatment plan is developed and can include: strapping, massage, strengthening and stretching exercises, changing footwear, altering the current exercise/activities and/or orthotics.

Specialist over-the-phone Podiatry Services In Melbourne

Do you have a problem with your feet? Have you started exercise and developed sore feet?
Not sure if you need to see a podiatrist or a Doctor? In isolation? Prefer not to come into the clinic?

All You Need is a Phone

We can provide you with advice and treatment options and/or the need for further investigations all in the comfort of your home.
All you need is a phone.
Book an appointment today

Fees for Telehealth Consultations

DVA clients are able to access this service.
Some private health insurers provide rebates for this service.
For clients who are on Chronic Disease Management Plan, rebates are available.

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Children’s Podiatry

We provide a service specifically for children. Discover how we can help today.

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Our Podiatrists

Take a look at our team of experienced podiatrists who will take care of you.

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Our Approach

AFA Podiatry in Richmond are committed to providing an integrated and holistic approach to healthcare.

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Discover what our NDIS covers is attributed to, and our linked services.

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